• Are you tired of repairing those old, leaking, outdated brakes and cannot find a cost-efficient alternative?
  • Is justifying operational investments an issue for your asset?
  • Are you still braking and lifting manually? 
  • Stop wasting money in refurbishing! Buy new!  Modernize your system!
  • Centralair is an alternative for new generator brakes and braking and lifting systems.

World-Class Specialist in Braking & Lifting Solutions for Hydro Generators

Modern, robust, cost-competitive with over 300 references world-wide

Brakes and Jacks

  • Brakes – Standard line of sizes and custom designs of brakes & jacks
  • Brake pads – non asbestos – non metallic – high temperature
  • Different types of limit sensors: Electromechanical, inductive position transmitters
  • Caliper brakes also available
  • Dust collecting systems as options
  • More economical replacement solutions than refurbishing
  • Commissioning and after sales support, spare parts, technical advice

Generator Brakes and Jacks

Braking Control Cabinets and Hydraulic Lifting Groups

  • Modernize your braking system and lifting system with new state-of-the art braking control cabinets and hydraulic lifting groups
  • Complete system packages: Brakes + pneumatic control cabinets/panels + hydraulic jacking groups + compressors, tanks + accessories
  • Complete engineering packages: Drawings, process & instrumentation diagrams, quality documentation, operations & maintenance manuals
  • Various construction possibilities of control cabinets and panels
  • Allow for LOCAL or REMOTE braking
  • Flush clean your air/oil line without spilling any oil

Braking Control Cabinets and Panels and Hydraulic Lifting Groups