I am a registered Engineer. I have been serving the Hydro Electric & Heavy Industries for 30 years. My experience lies in welding, machining, shop assembly, mechanical and fluid systems, babbitt processes, heat and surface treatments, materials and alloys QA-QC.

AV Services Tech is a Canadian Manufacturers’ representative company located in Quebec Canada. I represent companies who provide products and services for the Power Generation and Heavy Industrial markets. I provide the following products & services to utilities, independent power producers, turbine & generator OEMs, end users of rotating equipment, EPCs and contracting service companies:

Design and supply of: Braking and jacking systems for hydro generators – Babbitt bearings for turbines, generators and other rotating equipment – Hydro generator thrust bearings(Babbitt and PTFE) – Hydro mechanical seals for turbines – Expansion joints for penstocks and spiral cases – Water systems for hydro plants – Hydroelectric field services – Castings – Wear resistant bearings – Precision machining – Welding fabrications and complete assembly integration including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic assembly.